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Eight outdoor advertising agencies: “Image”, “Kresli”, “Dea”, “Krivicki & Co”, “Bulmedia”, “Reklamna Mreja 5”, “Interreklama” and “Markani Line” found on 14th April 1999 an Outdoor Advertising Association which was registered on the associations` register on 2nd December 1999.

The association was found to protect the trade interests of the member -companies in order to establish rules of the outdoor advertising market. Another reason was the need for loyalty among the member-companies when observing the trade policy for opposition to the underselling.
In year 2004 with the decision of the General Meeting of the members of OOA and with the decision of Sofia City Court, the association changed its name to – Outdoor Advertising Association of Bulgaria. It consists of 35 members, all of them in the outdoor advertising business. The regulations are in accordance with the Law for Non-Profit Legal Persons.

As a representative of so many companies, it is easier for the Association   
to establish the contacts with Sofia municipality and other municipalities in the country, as well as with the advertising and architectural departments of the listed institutions, not to mention the medias in regards with the protection of the trade interests of the business.

OAAB will welcome each new member in the outdoor advertising business which accepts the Association’s regulations.

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